9 adjectives to describe a stove Evolution Line

  Quiet: Silence without sacrificing efficiency.

Allows the complete exclusion of the ambient fan, providing maximum sound comfort and, at the same time, obtaining maximum heating power from the water intended for the home's radiators in the thermoelectric devices.


  Convenient: Your stove cleans itself.

A system that is equipped with an innovative motor that automatically controls the cleaning of the combustion residues from the pellets, without the intervention of the user. The ash drawer only needs to be emptied after many days of operation. The practical answer for those who use the stove frequently.


  Safe: Technology and innovation in the service of your safety.

Completely isolated from the surrounding environment, both for the intake of air for combustion and for the removal of combustion residues, the stove guarantees maximum safety and comfort. This special system is achieved through the airtightness of both the pellet storage tank and the combustion chamber, including the fire door.


  Fast: Instant heat, anytime and anywhere.

Fast start-up in all weather conditions (humidity and cold) thanks to the ceramic spark plug, which delivers a power output that is more than 40% higher than that of normal non-ceramic components and also guarantees thousands of switch-ups.


  Flexible: For complete and comfortable management, even from the sofa in your living room.

The Evolution Line stoves have standard "handheld" remote controls that allow full control of all functions of the stove. The same control can then be used as a remote thermostat: it actually detects the temperature of the place where the "handheld" remote control is located and manages the operation of the device until the desired temperature is reached in that place. The advantage is a stove that works how and how often you want it to, that can be easily and comfortably operated, even from your living room sofa.


  Flexible: Maximum flexibility of comfort management in the rooms.

The link between the electronic card and the (optional) expansion card of the installation allows maximum flexibility in the management of the thermal hydraulic installation with the possibility of controlling the different temperatures in each room of the house.


  Innovative: always in contact with the stove, even when you are not at home.

Control of the stove also from a distance, thanks to the apps: App Total Control (Wi-Fi module), App Easy Access (GSM module) and Wireless thermostat.


  Efficient: reduce waiting times for re-engagement

A special probe makes it possible to read the temperatures and operating conditions of the stove in real time, which makes it possible to reduce the times of relighting and to ensure optimum combustion of the pellets.


  Simple: Controls the performance of your heating system with ease.

In a Thermo product, the task of the pump is to circulate the hot water in the heating system. This new generation of circulation pumps (PWM) not only provides a saving in the cost of electrical energy, but also maintains a continuous dialogue with the electronic board and provides information on the operation of the pump so that it can adapt to the possible requirements of the installation: if, for example, the circulation pump blocks, the stove detects the malfunction and automatically blocks it as well. The pump is controlled directly by the stove's "handheld computer" without having to intervene mechanically. The possibility of adjusting the settings of the pump according to the requirements of each individual installation allows for maximum flexibility in terms of installation and management of the circuit.