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E-series: the Plug & Play electric fireplace for the ultimate fire and light experience
Experience an unrivalled view of natural fire in any home and any room with the E-series. Via the app and/or remote control, you adjust the integrated LED strips to suit your interior to create a personalised eye-catcher. The E-series can be placed on any TV cabinet, complemented by the Media Wall for a cinewall effect, or hung on any wall using the optional Design Frame.
The Kalfire E-65″ brings a new, atmospheric dimension to any interior
The electric fire has never been so realistic. Dancing flames, a bed of gentle heat, glowing logs and built-in mood lighting together create an ultra-realistic fire image that’s virtually indistinguishable from a real fireplace. You can easily customise the image of the fire to suit your preferences, your interior or the time of day you want to use the fireplace. And it’s all very easy to do with the remote control or the KalfireConnected app.

The Kalfire E-65″ is 147 cm wide, making it perfect for 65″ televisions.
As an option, you can extend the fireplace with a Design Frame or Media Wall, which can be fitted with additional LED strips integrated into the fireplace’s lighting programmes. The result is a ready-to-use fireplace solution that adds a new dimension of ambience to your home.

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